Featured Books

Crop systems biology /
by Yin, Xinyou

Biofortification of Food Crops
by Singh, Ummed; Praharaj, C S; Singh, S. S; Singh, N. P.

Scented rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars of India: a perspective on quality and diversity
by Nadaf, Altafhusain; Mathure, Sarika; Jawali, Narendra

Plant, Soil and Microbes : Volume 1: Implications in Crop Science
by Hakeem, Khalid Rehman; Akhtar, Mohd. Sayeed; Abdullah, Siti Nor Akmar.

Molecular breeding for sustainable crop improvement
Rajpal, Vijay Rani; Rama Rao, S; Raina, S. N.

Stress responses in plants : mechanisms of toxicity and tolerance
by Tripathi, Bhumi Nath; Müller, Maria

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Newly Published Articles

Contribution of fallow periods between rice crops to seasonal GHG emissions: effect of water and tillage management
By Sander, B. O; Samson, M; Sanchez, P. B; Valencia, K. P; Demafelix, E. A. M; Buresh, R. J.
Comparative assessment of the relative proportion of weed morphology, diversity, and growth under new generation tillage and crop establishment techniques in rice-based cropping systems
Nandana, R; Singh, V; Singh, S. S; Kumar, V; Hazra, K. K; Nath, C. P; Poonia, S. P; Malik, R. K.
Gender differentials in farming efficiency and profits: The case of rice production in the Philippines
Mishra, A. K; Khanal, A. R; Mohanty, S.
Irrigation management risks and Zn fertilization needs in Zn biofortification breeding in lowland rice
By Rubianes, F. H. C; Mallikarjuna Swamy, B. P; Johnson-Beebout, S. E.
Impact of demographic transformation on future rice farming in Asia
By Bhandari, H; Mishra, A. K.
Characterization of tuber-blight suppressive soils from four provinces of the Ecuadorean Andes
By Orquera‐Tornakian, G; Díaz, C. I; Mogrovejo, D. C; Villamarín, D. J; Jarrín, F; Ponce, L. K; Oliva, R; Gia, J; Forbes, G. A; Andrade‐Piedra, J; Flores, F. J; Garzon, C. D; Molineros, J; Koch, A; Benítez, M. S.
Genomic variation in 3,010 diverse accessions of Asian cultivated rice
By Wang, W; Mauleon, R; Hu, Z. Q; Chebotarov, D; Tai, S; Wu, Z. C; Li, M; Zheng, T. Q; Fuentes, R. R; Zhang, F; Mansueto, L; Copetti, D; Sanciangco, M; Palis, K. C; Xu, J. L; Sun, C; Fu, B. Y; Zhang, H. L; Gao, Y. M; Zhao, X. Q; Shen, F; Cui, X; Yu, H; Li, Z. C; Chen, M. L; Detras, J; Zhou, Y. L; Zhang, X. Y; Zhao, Y; Kudrna, D; Wang, C. C; Li, R; Jia, B; Lu, J. Y; He, X. C; Dong, Z. T; Xu, J. B; Li, Y. H; Wang, M; Shi, J. X; Li, J; Zhang, D. B; Lee, S. H; Hu, W. S; Poliakov, A; Dubchak, I; Ulat, V. J; Borja, F. N; Mendoza, J. R; Ali, J; Li, J; Gao, Q; Niu, Y. C; Yue, Z; Naredo, M. E. B; Talag, J; Wang, X. Q; Li, J; Fang, X. D; Yin, Y; Glaszmann, J. C; Zhang, J. W; Li, J; Hamilton, R. S; Wing, R. A; Ruan, J; Zhang, G. Y; Wei, C. C; Alexandrov, N; McNally, K. L; Li, Z. K; Leung, H.


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