Featured Books

The soils of the Philippines /
Rodelio B. Carating, Raymundo G. Galanta, Clarita D. Bacatio.

Genetic manipulation in plants for mitigation of climate change
Pawan Kumar Jaiwal, Rana Pratap Singh, Om Parkash Dhankher

Plant genes, genomes, and genetics
Erich Grotewold, Joseph Chappell, Elizabeth Kellogg.

Hyperspectral remote sensing of vegetation
Thenkabail, Prasad Srinivasa; Lyon, John G. ; Huete, Alfredo

Crop improvement, adoption and impact of improved varieties in food crops in Sub-Saharan Africa
Thomas S. Walker, Jeffrey Alwang

Climate change and agriculture worldwide
Torquebiau, Emmanuel

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Newly Published Articles

Reducing emissions from agriculture to meet the 2° C target
By Wollenberg, E; Richards, M; Smith, P; Havlík, P; Obersteiner, M; Tubiello, F. N; Herold, M; Gerber, P; Carter, S; Reisinger, A; van Vuuren, D; Dickie, A; Neufeldt, H; Sander, B. O; Wassmann, R; Sommer, R; Amonette, J. E; Facucci, A; Herrero, M; Opio, C; Roman-Cuesta, R; Stehfest, E; Westhoek, H; Ortiz-Monasterio, I; Sapkota, T; Rufino, M. C; Thornton, P. K; Verchot, L; West, P. C; Soussana, J. F; Baedeker, T; Sadler, M; Vermeulen, S; Campbell, B. M.
Quantifying source-sink relationships of rice under high night-time temperature combined with two nitrogen levels
By Shi, W; Xiao, G; Struik, P. C; Jagadish, K. S. V; Yin, X.
Rice response to simultaneous bacterial blight and drought stress during compatible and incompatible interactions
By Dossa, G. S; Torres, R; Henry, A; Oliva, R; Maiss, E; Vera Cruz, C; Wydra, K.
Reducing risk to food security from climate change
By Campbell, B. M; Vermeulen, S. J; Aggarwal, P. K; Corner-Dolloff, C; Girvetz, E; Loboguerrero, A. M; Ramirez-Villegas, J; Rosenstock, T; Sebastian, L; Thornton, P; Wollenberg, E.


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